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When lawyers refer to “issuing a claim” it means starting a claim. This is done when a person who believes they are owed money from another, files a brief description of their claim (usually called a “Claim Form”) at Court and pays the appropriate court fee. The Claim Form will include or be accompanied by “Particulars of Claim” which will be a more detailed account of the reasons why the Claimant believes the Defendant owes them money.

The Defendant will then have to decide whether they wish to admit that they owe the money or file a defence. If the Defendant does neither within the allowed timescale then the Claimant may obtain an order from the Court ordering them to pay in “Default” of a response.

At SCS Law, our solicitors are experienced in issuing volume claims, meaning if you have many debtors to pursue for unpaid tickets, we can assist you without delay and for an affordable fixed fee.