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Removing tenants from your property can be one of the more stressful elements of letting, especially because the law protecting tenants is very precise. A court claim can easily fail on a relatively small and technical detail.

Of the available remedies open to landlords, section 8 and 21 notices are the most commonly used and are used to recover a property being occupied by problem tenants and those tenants who have remained in the property beyond the term of the tenancy agreement.

Our team of landlord solicitors focus on providing a high quality service to landlords throughout England and Wales. Based in our London office we have experienced solicitors who will be able to deal with any type of dispute you may have. We have a nationwide network of advocates and solicitors, all of whom have been through our own internal training assessments, which enables us to represent you in all court hearings in England and Wales This approach allows us to focus on our local capabilities and knowledge of the local court. 

Whether you need us to deal with the notices, take tenants to court or simply represent you at a court hearing, we are able to help. Upon instructing us, you will be allocated your own specialist solicitor who will guide you through the entire process.

In order for us to begin work, in most cases, we will need a copy of the tenancy agreement, any guarantor agreement, the deposit certificate and an up to date rent schedule. 

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    SCS specialise in attending court hearings and helping with small claims in the County Courts.  Our range of fixed priced legal services apply to any claim in any county court in England & Wales.

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