Whatever the value or complexity, we can assist you. From small claims hearings to multi-track trials, we have experts in civil litigation able to handle your claim from inception through to completion.

Litigation Solicitor, SCS Law

By way of background, any matter that goes to Court for trial is allocated depending on its value to either the:

  • Small Claims Track;
  • Fast Track; or
  • Multi Track.

Each track has its own set of rules in order to help to keep the expense of the trial proportionate to its value.

Small Claims Track

For Claims valued up to £10,000.

Because the small claims track is for lower value claims many of the more formal rules of evidence do not apply, and the emphasis is on dealing with the claim in a prompt manner with minimum cost.

Fast Track

Used for straightforward cases with a financial value of between £10,000 and £25,000.

The fast track is designed to provide a quicker, simpler procedure to the multi-track for lower value cases which do not require detailed preparation and a lengthy trial.

SCS Law are experts in this type of litigation and providing your the assistance you require.


A court procedure for the resolution of civil disputes usually used for cases over £25,000 and those which are not straightforward.

SCS Law are able to handle the complexity surrounding these type of civil disputes and advise you through the process.

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