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A Small Claim is a claim which the Court have deemed suitable for the “Small Claims Track”. Usually, so long as the case does not involve personal injuries this will be cases worth up to £10,000.

By way of background, any matter that goes to Court for trial is allocated depending on its value to either the:

  • Small Claims Track;
  • Fast Track; or
  • Multi Track.

Each track has its own set of rules in order to help to keep the expense of the trial proportionate to its value.

Because the small claims track is for lower value claims many of the more formal rules of evidence do not apply, and the emphasis is on dealing with the claim in a prompt manner with minimum cost.

There are special costs rules on the Small Claims track which usually only allow a litigant to recover their court fees and low fixed costs from the other side. These low fixed costs mean that people are often put off using solicitors to represent them, because there is little chance of recovering the majority of their fees. At SCS Law we are experienced in dealing with small claims and offer low fixed fees for our services; so you can obtain the benefit of legal representation without the fear of spiralling legal costs.